Honduras Avocado Farmer Training Course

In October 29th, 2020, The Honduras Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of the Republic (SAG) Minister Mauricio Guevara along with Honduras TAIC President Fang Jinguo signed a contract under the witness of Taiwanese ambassador Wen Yaozhen to jointly promote Honduras avocado farmers training class. In order to strengthen Honduras avocado production quality and post-harvest treatment, professional lecturers were hired to brief about the local avocado producing areas to directly guide farmers in field cultivation management techniques, avocado harvesting, and post-harvesting treatment knowledge. Through the professional guidance of on-site operations, we seek to enhance the quality of Honduras avocados in order to lay the foundation for future industrial chain.
In November, Honduras faced two major hurricanes: ETA and IOTA, which undeniably prolonged the commencement of Avocado Farmers Training Course; however, the course was successfully held on December 10th at Ocotepeque and Santa Barbara.
In the process, it is expected that 40 avocado farmers will receive technical training and cultivation management guidance, the reconstruction of the orchards, and enablement of operations for farmers in order to revitalize the Honduras Avocado chain industry in wake of the hurricanes disastrous effects.

Gifting each attendee an avocado cultivation handbook

Avocado farmer training course briefing

Group photo of farmers attending the training course

Mr. Romero, Lecturer of Avocado Farmer Training Course