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Cabbage is a popular vegetable loved by people all over the world, and it is also one of the most important vegetable species of Taiwan. Cabbage is most suited in a mild to cold climate where it has a short cultivation period and can be harvested in between 60~80 days. Cabbage contains high nutritional value and antioxidant effects, which because it brings health benefits has received the title as, "King of Nutritional Vegetable."
In the Central and Southern parts of Taiwan, the soil has good drainage (well drained) and good air permeability. Combined with a cooler winter climate, these cabbages are excellent in quality and tasty in sweetness and crispiness. Since cabbages have a simple yet refreshing taste, there are a variety of eating methods. In addition to eating it as a salad, it can be stir-fried, boiled, cooked with soup, and even marinated to pickle kimchi where it can also have an extended shelf life. Our cabbages are mainly exported to countries such as Japan, United States of America, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It is best choice of vegetable whether at home or at a restaurant.

Production Period 
Every year from August to April of the following year.