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Head Lettuce or Lettuce is an indispensable ingredient for salads or hamburgers. Taiwan produces more Lettuce than it cultivates in winter time. Since there is fewer pests and diseases, there is no need to use pesticides frequently, which is in line with consumer's demand for a healthy and pollution-free food. Taiwan's lettuce are compact and crispy, with vibrant green leaves and smooth texture. Due to Taiwan's close proximity to Japan, Taiwan has the advantage compared to other countries in regards to fast and short transportation time, which ultimately ensures high freshness and good quality, making it a staple choice for the Japanese market. This example demonstrates how Taiwan's export of lettuce attaches great importance to hygiene and safety. From field production management, safe pesticide control of diseases and insect pests, to harvesting and preservation, a standardized operation procedure has been established to ensure the quality of exported lettuce. In regards to the problem of pesticide residue that most consumers attach great concern about, we ensure the safe use of pesticides and fertilizers through a centralized management system, conduct frequent pesticide residue inspections before harvesting, and ensure all lettuce meet a standardized criteria in order to be qualified for harvesting. Our mission is to supply the people with the healthiest and cleanest lettuce. 

Production Period 
Every year from October to February of the following year.