Golden Diamond Pineapple

Since 1998, Taiwan's pineapples have been through constant production, improvement, research and development. This has led to the breeding of a new kind of variety, Tainung No. 17 Golden Diamond Pineapple, which is currently Taiwan's most popularly exported pineapple variety, consistently achieving outstanding export sales results.

The Golden Diamond Pineapple is different than traditional pineapples because it has a more delicate taste as well as a lower acidity. It is both sweet and juicy, rich in taste and flavor. On the production side, the southern climate of Taiwan is particularly favorable for pineapples. They are planted from Pingtung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Chiayi to Nantou, accounting for 85% of the total cultivated areas in Taiwan. Among all pineapple varieties, the Golden Diamond Pineapple accounts for more than 90% of all pineapple production in Taiwan.

Production Period
The production period of Golden Diamond Pineapple is from March to June. From planting to harvesting, it takes 18 months of cultivation leading up to the flowering during October to December, followed by harvesting in March to June.