Atemoya is an artificially bred offspring of the cherimoya (Annona Cherimola) and Sugar Apple (Annona Squamosa). The Chinese name of the Atemoya derived from its resemblance to a pineapple and cherimoya, from appearing large and fleshy, to its distinctive strong flavor of tropic fruits while possessing a balance between sweet and sour. Through refrigeration, the Atemoya is said to taste even sweeter and can be sliced or cut into pieces, making it very convenient to eat and popular among consumers.

The Atemoya has a wide climate adaptability. Taiwan's unique geographical location is very suitable for the growth of Atemoyas, where they can be found in the Eastern, Central, and Southern parts of the country. Especially in the Eastern regions of Taiwan, the climate and soil conditions are most suitable, allowing for skilled farmers to cultivate the most juicy, smooth, delicious, and high quality atemoyas.

In addition to the proper terroir and climate, the Taiwanese government has established state of the art orchards, a safety management system, and standardized operating procedures to continuously improve the kinds of varieties of atemoyas to appear large and ripe, high in quality, and to meet the international safety and health standards. 

The atemoya is rich in nutrients, containing high levels of protein, carbohydrates, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and etc. In addition to eating it raw, many people have developed eating it as a popsicle, ice-cream, and other products because of its unique taste.

Production Period
Every year from November to March of the following year.