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Honduras' unique geography and climate favors the cultivation of coffee, which explains why Honduran coffee tend to be uniquely tasty, making it one of world's most important and prominent homes for coffee cultivation.
In Honduras, The Inversion Agricola de Taiwan en Honduras, Honduras Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry has promoted the intercropping between avocado and coffee.
From the plantation of avocado trees, we can simultaneously provide moderate shading for coffee beans. This allows farmers that rely mainly on avocado as their main source of income to now have an alternative source of profit. In order to ensure the best quality and safety of raw coffee beans, TAIC has appointed academias to travel to Honduras to select and purchase the best coffee beans for avocado intercropping. In addition, TAIC has also introduced a customized Japanese green bean processing technology, which has resulted in vitalizing the flavors and vitality of high-quality Honduras coffee beans.